Leather Care Information

Bridle leather lasts for many, many years.

Some leathers are ‘static’, but natural vegetable tanned British bridle leather has life!

This leather will take on its own much desired patina with use and handling.  With just a little attention, you can encourage this and be rewarded with a beautiful, long lasting McRostie product that only improves as time passes.

Here are a few tips on caring for your McRostie Product.

To extend your product’s life and encourage a rich patina we suggest an occasional application of polish as described below:


We would suggest an occasional application of a proprietary leather wax shoe polish with a clean, soft cloth or soft bristle brush and rubbed in with a different soft clean cloth or soft bristle brush – just as you would traditionally look after a pair of leather shoes.

Please wear with caution on initial outings after application of polish in case of possible colour transfer.   We advise you not to wear your article with light coloured clothing on initial outings and after polishing.

Bridle leather will yield and soften through time and usage.  This is particularly true of belts as they benefit from the natural heat from the body and over time, regularly wearing a favourite belt, you will see how it moulds to your shape . . . . very comfortable to slip on in the morning!

Softening of the leather:

If you wish to encourage the leather to soften and become more supple you can apply and polish as above, only more frequently.   Do not apply more polish.  A light application is all that is required, just more often.

CAUTION: Using Oil or an Oil based product.

We strongly advise you NOT to use an oil based product on McRostie ‘raised’ or ‘lined’ belts.    This may interact with a compound used in their construction and cause the inner layer of leather to slip, rendering your belt useless.

McRostie will not offer a refund or replace a ‘lined’ or ‘raised’ belt where it is clear that oil or an oil based product has been applied to the leather.


Water : As soon as possible, absorb gently, excess liquid with clean cloth/paper towels/ other and leave the article to dry naturally.  Do not attempt to rush the drying process.  Do not place on a radiator, out under the sun, or on or close to any direct heat source.  This will only lead to the fibres in the leather shrinking,  becoming over-dry and possibly cracking.

Once completely dry and depending on the extent of the spillage, your article may benefit from an application of polish, as described above.

Liquid other than water:  If for example red wine/milk/ coffee/ is spilt on a tan i-pad holder, we would suggest the following action is taken as quickly as possible:  pour  a little water over the area – after removing the i-pad!  to help aid run-off of the liquid, then proceed as for ‘water’, by absorbing as much of the excess liquid as possible with clean dry cloth / paper towels / other and leave to dry naturally away from any artificial heat source and direct sunlight.

Please contact customerservices@mcrostie.co.uk if you have further questions.


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