Repairing and Restoring Leather

Posted: 28th January 2019

At McRostie, we preach that good quality leather products should last a lifetime.  However, we understand that some people put their bags and belts through more than your average wear and tear, and for that reason, we offer ‘repair and restore’ service for leather.

We can help your leather bags last through generations, and offer repairs for items such as briefcases, gun slips, bags, belts and country sport accessories.

How it works

Unfortunately, not every item can be repaired, but if it’s leather, it will be in safe hands with us.  After all, you won’t find many other people in the UK with the expertise in leather that we have at McRostie! So, even if a ‘like new’ repair is not possible, we will always do our best to provide an option that you will be happy with.

Firstly, we will review any item and assess what needs to be done.  Then we’ll provide a quote and explain the full process of restoration and repair with you.  Once the restoration is complete, we’ll protect the item in order to help preserve the finish for as long as possible.

To find out more about our repair and restoration service, please get in touch.

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